Quality Assurance

KCC carefully trains operators on all tasks and monitors their work to assure high quality. Each unit of work is individually inspected and appropriate edit and balancing routines are performed to aid in maintaining and improving accuracy. Each operator is randomly monitored and verified in addition to client specified verification procedures.

KCC provides a Data Control unit whose primary function is to audit and monitor all work flow and to communicate with clients. The Data Control unit receives all work, performs logging, prepares work orders, prepares batch tickets and accounts for all batches of source documents at each work stage. After work is completed and appropriate media or reports are prepared, Data Control will perform final balancing and control procedures before exit packaging and shipment is performed.
When verification, audit and monitoring procedures highlight a particular problem with documentation, corrected documentation is prepared and operators are notified, usually with revised documentation. When a particular operator is pinpointed as having specific stroke errors or a lack of task understanding, that operator is notified immediately and additional training provided to assure the problem is rectified.

With the volume of keystrokes produces, some level of stroke error is to be expected but KCC's goal for allowable error is ZERO! While we have yet to attain this goal, it is one we strive for daily. Where data to be processed allows check digiting, hash balancing and batch balancing in addition to verification, accuracy approaches 100%. During a recent statistical period, a stroke error rate of less than one tenth of one percent was reported on a volume of approximately 50 million keystrokes.
KCC's Data Control unit receives many client requests and addresses those requests with a minimum of delay. Additionally, the unit resolves any problems or considerations brought to light by internal audit procedures.